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Pathfinder Services of ND
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What Parents & Professionals Say About Pathfinder


"I can’t thank you enough for the work you do to help people with disabilities and to build much-needed community and support. The resources I found here are fantastic. As a librarian, I’ve staked my career in helping empower people with stories and knowledge, and I’m grateful to find others who share that vision."
"What a great resource Pathfinder is I am so grateful that you called us."
"I need some time away from my kids so I can grow into being able to support their needs."
"I feel that it is important for me to be more of a parent than a teacher; sometimes I get lost as a teacher and forget the roles of parents."
"The fact that you welcomed us in on a stipend, don’t know how we could have made it without your support. The networking was outstanding. I learned so much to take back and share with others."