The Shift Training Project: North Dakota Secondary Transition Project (NDSTP)

The Shift Project provides transition training and resources to parents and youth with disabilities.



What is the purpose of the Shift Training Project?

Pathfinder Services of North Dakota is excited to announce that we are piloting a new North Dakota Secondary Transition Project (NDSTP) “Shift”. The Shift Program is offered free of charge to those who qualify for the program. There are two components to the Shift program. First, there is three workshops; “Life Launch” and second, five sessions; “Take Charge Course”.

The Shift program is geared towards both the youth/young adult and their parent/mentor. The “Life Launch” workshops are done three weeks in a roll with the 2 hour sessions conducted in the evening. The “Take Charge” sessions will be once a month, five hour sessions (these will be completed on Saturday afternoons). With time and place to be determined.

The “Take Charge” course is open to any young person with a disability, age 16-22. These courses will be offered once a month for a five hour class. Take charge will provide a customized learning experience designed to actively engage each participate in learning and doing. Youth who apply, will each be asked to invite one family member or friend to participate in the sessions along with them as a support.

This program will take lots of dedication and we will ask that those who are interested fill-out an application and sign a letter of commitment. We are looking to recruit at least 10-12 youth/young adults along with a parent/mentor for this pilot project.

The young adult will also be given, free of charge, a take home Pathfinder Services of North Dakota transition Accordion File. This file is designed to assist the young adult to be organize through transition into adulthood.

For more information, reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..