Get Credit if You Edit!

Do you have an eagle eye? Please offer to help look at draft materials to catch bloopers, typos and things that – well – just don’t make sense or might confuse families. Your name will be submitted in a drawing for a gift card.


Be a Strong Facebook Fan

Do you like to chat and stay connected? Spread the word about our awesome resources and news to families who may not hear about us any other way.

Pay It Forward

Do you have a skill or talent you can share?  Put that to work by creating or contributing to a gift basket for our annual silent auction to support Pathfinder. A scrapbook, quilt, sweet treat or a basket of books or toys is always popular. Or involve a classroom or neighborhood kids in having a bake sale to raise funds.

Agree to Be in the Movies

Volunteer to be interviewed on camera as you answer a question or tell your story. Or let Pathfinder videotape your child’s IEP meeting. This information can be used to add depth to our website and make our training more relevant for families.